New Home Building Process

From the Ground Up

We understand that the process of building a house is accompanied by a lot of questions.  That is why we find it so important to be involved with the initial designing and planning of your home. During the pre-construction phase, we work together with our home owners, design professionals, local suppliers, building officials and construction trades and develop a solid plan that fits your vision.

By working with us from the very beginning, we develop a deep relationship of trust and mutual understanding which stays true through the entire building process and ensures your expectations are exceeded.  We encourage an honest exchange of ideas and offer our expert building advice which is nothing short of a successful formula for getting your dream home completed.

Ten steps of Pre-Construction:

  • Meeting with client to assimilate project overview
  • Develop concept design and master plan
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Develop a list of specifications with client
  • Breakdown construction components to achieve an accurate budget number
  • Advise on implementing alternate strategies for Built Green® construction techniques
  • Review and advise on conditions of construction site (riparian issues, accessibility etc)
  • Site mapping: Optimum positioning of home on site, layout, survey
  • Provide building estimates
  • Set tentative timelines and implementation dates

Our plan to building your home is not a secret.  Our transparent building process ensures the most efficient use of resources to provide the best values without compromising quality.  We will keep you clearly informed and up to date on the various stages of home building so you can feel confident in making smart decisions.  While our expertise in the industry allow us to make the correct choices we are also here for you when you need our guidance in making a practical choice vs an emotional one.

Okanagan Custom Homes is known for its attention to detail at every turn of the building process.  You can rest easy knowing we take care of all details from ensuring site cleanliness and making sure material are recycled properly to the quality of workmanship of the tradespeople working on your home.

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